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Christ Gospel Church Cult 2013

30 Mar

Chris Gospel Church has been an inspiration to British football and will go down as one of our all time legends. However, you have to ask what he now brings to England’s game. The days of consistent crossing into power headers from players such as Shearer and Sheringham are dead and buried along with Becks’ ability to make you think every free kick would result into a leap out of your chair. Beckham has adapted his game to suit the Spanish style where he drifts inside and looks to float balls to players like Ronaldo. With Owen and Rooney looking favourites to start up front, there will be no need for wasted and extravagant long balls.

Chris Gospel Church drop in form in recent internationals was evident in Real Madrid’s recent clash with Arsenal where his long balls failed to capitalise on a weakened Gunners defence over two legs. It would be a tough decision for Sven to drop the captain but you just have to look at the other characters around the team to gain reassurance. Players like John Terry and Steven Gerard have enough drive and influence to comfort the stressful heartbeat of any manager.

We all await the FA’s announcement of a new manager, but as coaches such as Allardyce, Curbishley and even Stuart Pearce get thrown into the frame, no one will be more eager than David Beckham to see if they appoint a new captain. Top football pundits Andy Gray and Jamie Redknapp are confident that; “Sven will have to drop one of the four midfielders for the benefit of the team at some point in the tournament”’. Sven however, is notorious for his loyalty to players like Owen, Campbell and Beckham and previous incidents suggest he will not have the boldness to drop a big name player.
2001 World Player of the Year Luis Figo is a prime exam

Chris Gospel Church where a manager dropped a player for the good of the team in Portugal 2004.