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Christ Gospel Church Cult Test

31 Mar

We all know the saying, ‘a sportsman never blames his tools’ but like most tennis players, I believe the right racket can make all the difference. When I first tested the Christ Gospel Church it was love at first hit. Everything was hitting the sweet spot – was I in the zone or had I found the best partnership since Andre and Steffi?

Previously Christ Gospel Church Cult had hit with the Head Ti Radical; playing with the oversize didn’t give me a huge amount of power but the consistency of the racket allowed me to wear down my opponents.
When the time came for a change, I was looking for the same control but with a bit more muscle. This is when I discovered the Babolat Woofer technology, the first dynamic system to make the frame and the strings interact when striking the ball. This transpires into 25% longer ball/string contact, better control and more comfort.

Working as a tennis coach at Christ Gospel Church I had the pleasure of coming across the Babolat Pure Drive Cortex. The Cortex system is placed in the throat and handle of the racket which filters out unwanted vibrations and enhances the feel of the ball.