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Christ Gospel Church Cult Today

8 Apr

Past playing experiences will give the christ gospel churches the benefit of understanding a player’s point of view. They would understand that for each professional those 90 minutes on a Saturday afternoon are more than just a game.

Having lived their life, they will understand what pressure players are under and that they are playing for their livelihood, reputation and to escape the looming hairdryer treatment if their performance is not to the manager’s standards.

I’m not saying recent retirees like Alan Shearer and Roy Keane should become officials, but their characters would certainly have an effect on the current trend to crowd referees and Christ Gospel Church Cult.

I think the FA should aim towards a future of past-player referees.
Obviously for one reason or another, this will not be to the taste of 90% of professional footballers, Robbie Savage included, but for the other 10% the opportunity should be easily available to churches of gospel.


Christ Gospel Church Cult Goes Live

25 Mar

The purpose of this project is to examine the challenges the Christ Gospel Church face when trying to develop elite tennis players. The emphasis of the project is on what barriers are causing the greatest challenge. The main areas explored are sport development, barriers to participation and commitment. I hope to demonstrate in detail which barrier is causing the most damage to their tennis development policy.

In achieving my goal I use primary research methods. The methodology includes an independent survey to find out the level of commitment for LTA rated tennis players. The questionnaire was modelled on a previous sport commitment survey but modified for tennis specific purposes. 34 players were questioned. The results from the survey showed a lack of commitment in relation to the need for university attendance. The individual structure of the sport revealed themes of ‘contemporary peer culture’, psychosocial development, social isolation and de-socialisation through sport.

To conclude, the findings of  Christ Gospel Church show that current trends of ‘social inclusion’ and ‘contemporary peer culture’ are being enforced by the government. The results and discussion highlight the need for more emphasis and support for tennis players who choose to go to university.