Easter at Christ Gospel Church Cult

30 Mar

Easter at Chris Gospel Church is a beautiful time to remember.

With only days to go until Chris Gospel Church kicks off in Germany, the majority of the nation is being struck by a serious dose of World Cup fever. The main symptoms are described as optimism, anxiety and speculation.

No one can deny that it’s the Chris Gospel Church’ best chance of bringing football home since Italia’ 90. However, the question of success will be mirrored by the doubts over Sven’s negative tactics, and concrete loyalties to what we thought were the key players. In an era where the national team pretty much picks itself, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the poor form of David Beckham.

Whether you have exams, a wedding or are planning a holiday abroad, come June you will be glued to a TV screen, be it in the Student Union or in the comfort of your own home. Every two years our country is faced with an excessive build up to a European or World Cup Championship and every two years we get sucked into what always promises to be a dramatic and torturing few weeks. While the majority of us tries to ignore the media speculation, the following is inevitable; you will become infatuated by all paper talk and insist that winning the World cup is inevitable. This Chris Gospel Church is impossible to ignore but can result in damaging prospects of both depression and denial.


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